Thoughts on the Colors of the Year

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Hope you’ll enjoy this short read on my thoughts of this year’s choices. I’ll be emailing out a free Color Theory Mini Quilt pattern to my newsletter list, so make sure you're signed up!


Out with the old and in with the new fresh Greenery from Pantone. We can all have a sigh of relief that Rose Quartz and Serenity are out. *sigh* I was not a fan of this duo. I think the only trend that stuck from this duo was the “blend” part. Gradients in general are making a bit of a comeback in the design world. Using two or even three colors in a gradient to give a mix of color behind some text or overlaying an image has become extremely popular.

Fresh, clean, and renewing are just a few adjectives that come to mind while looking at Greenery. I like Greenery because on its own it is neither bright nor dull. It can go either way based on the colors it is paired with. I am hoping to see this color used in more interesting ways than paired with blue and white.

For sewing with Greenery, I've decided to use Moda's Bella Solid Leaf.


Pink Flamingo? I think the only trendy part of that is Flamingo, which started making is comeback in 2016. I first noticed them in Rifle Paper Co and Cotton and Steel’s collaboration line, but then started seeing them everywhere. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the Les Fleurs Collection, I was obsessed with the fabric sneak peaks on Instagram counting down the months until I could get my hands on some of the quilting cotton.

Pink Flamingo, doesn’t feel new. Maybe it’ll grow on me like the highlighter-hurt-your-eyes yellow from 2016. I really loved the throwback 80s design quilts that used bits of highlighter yellow and other neon colors. But at first I was not really a fan, I didn’t dislike it but I wasn’t sure what to think of it.

I do however really like how Rebecca Bryan used PinkFlamingo in her quilt Nostalgia. I really enjoy the way the red and blue push at each other with the pops of cedar (gold-ish color).

My local MQG Chapter has a long joke about Marsala. When Marsala was named the Pantone Color of The Year everyone groaned. The color wasn’t “modern” on its own, but when used with other colors I thought it was beautiful and definitely modern. Two years later I see the remnants of Marsala in the form of maroon, mostly in fashion. Maybe Pink Flamingo will be the same way…. Maybe.

What do you think of the Colors of the Year? Do you plan on using them in a new project? If you like Pink Flamingo, you have the rest of 2017 to change my mind about it — you might need all of those days so get to it!

Color Theory Mini Quilt

I designed this Mini Quilt to explore how different colors in a color scheme interact with each other when one color is most dominate. It calls for 5 Fat Quarters, but you can probably pull from your scrap bin (especially for the little tiny bit of Leaf I used). I'll be emailing out a pdf with instructions to my newsletter list, so make sure you are signed up. (Here or in my sidebar.)

I'm still trying to decide how I'd like to quilt mine. I'm planning on a Leaf green binding.

Here are the fabrics I used above: Bella Solid Leaf, Bella Solid Mulberry, Bella Solid Crocus, Bella Solid Admiral Blue and Kona Plum.

If you'd like a warm palette try: Bella Solid Leaf, Bella Solids Chrome, Bella Solids Geranium, Bella Solids Summer House, and Bella Solids Melon.

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